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    Order Our Fresh New Rising Star Gear Today!
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Order Our Fresh New Rising Star Gear Today!
Order Our Fresh New Rising Star Gear Today!

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Thank you for visiting our new site! Please enjoy your visit and tell your friends and family about our new 2013 Social Network web site. Your purchases of our "Official Gear" or Donations will Help Sustain Our Mission. Rising Star Music Awards is now celebrating our 5th Anniversary and sure couldn't have done it without you. We believe that we can all do some of our finest work in 2013 and invite you to participate. Please Join Us, support our effort and help us to deliver the "Next  Generation" of great new "Young Talented Rising Stars!" 

Our Rising Star Music Awards History, Purpose & Goals: 

While there are lots of great Award Shows that exist, this particular Awards Show was developed to acknowledge and Give Honor to Young Artists in the categories of Singing, Rapping and Dancing. This is "Rising Star" Music Awards fifth (5) year and is now a highly anticipated Annual Red Carpet Event that has provided a place for Artists of all ages to come together once a year to Walk the Red Carpet, have their Picture taken and get Interviewed by Media Companies in attendance.

The Nomination Form submitted by the Artists will be given to a Special Committee to choose the "Top Artists" to perform live at the Awards Gala. All Artists chosen to perform will receive a Trophy and a chance to be picked by a Panel of Judges for the Title of "Artist of the Year." Judges will pick one winner from the following  groups, [Pre-Teens - Teens - Adults]. To sign up Log onto 2013 Nominees HERE.

All Nominees are responsible for their own travel, accommodations and expenses.

Meet Our Rising Star Music Awards Founder and CEO, Ms. Sheila Ferguson!

One of the most popular and beloved youth advocates in Los Angeles, California, Sheila Ferguson founded "Rising Star Music Awards" as an "Exciting New Alternative" to "Help Motivate Youth to Stay In School & Stay Off the Streets". Never one to sugar-coat her ideas when it comes to "Helping Our Youth", Sheila Ferguson simply "Tells it Like it Is". She puts the resposibility on the shoulders of "Both the Adults & the Youth" when it comes to both working to improve conditions that endanger our youth. 

Sheila Ferguson (center) surrounded by RSMA Winners.

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"Rising Star Music Awards" "Charitable Youth Advocacy Program" is Produced with the Support and in Partnership with P.O.W.E.R.S. Women's Network, a California based Tax-Exempt Charitable Organization Benefiting Society for over 20 Years!  

Help Us to Motivate Our Youth!

Join us and be a part of "Rising Star Music Awards" Global Family of Supporters and Help Pave the Way for a Brighter More Productive Future for Our Youth! Today's Youth have a remarkable range of skills and talent that needs to be given opportunities to shine and present to the world. Help Us Help Them!   

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